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Child Support in San Diego

Both parents are expected to support their children to the best of their ability. The most common times you will need to hire a San Diego Child Support lawyer are:

  • You were served with child support paperwork with the Department of Child Support Services.

  • You were served with other court paperwork requesting child support.

  • The other parent is requesting court orders regarding Child Custody. Typically child support is ordered at the same time.

  • Your income has changed since the last time the Court ordered Child Support.

  • Your child custody schedule has changed significantly.

It is important to file a request to modify child support orders as soon as your income changes.

The only way the Judge will know that your income has changed since is if you file a request to modify child support. It is important to work with a San Diego Child Support Lawyer to request a modification. A modification is typically filed when a change has occurred since the last orders were made. Filing may be necessary if one parent has a change of income. Or child support may need to change after the child custody schedule changes. If nothing is filed, prior court orders stay the same 

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