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I am a San Diego native. I opened my practice focusing on Family Law to steer clients away from costly fighting. My clients don’t have the time to get sucked into that negativity and stress. It can be hard to focus on your work if you spend every waking hour worried about the outcome of your case. I encourage clients to mediate whenever possible, so that they can focus their energy on providing for their children.

My clients find it much easier to reach me knowing that I respond to their e-mail questions. Clients appreciate being able to share and sign documents electronically as they expect in our modern world. My practice is entirely virtual and paperless. This allows me to access client’s files wherever I am to answer questions they might have.

Most documents you need to sign are signed electronically, so that you don’t need to drive to my office in person. Through my cloud storage platform, I can securely share files with clients without mailing you large envelopes of paper. These days, job interviews are conducted over Skype and housing documents are signed electronically. You should expect your attorney to use technology just as effectively.

PAUL MCGUIRESan Diego Divorce Lawyer
Offering upfront, flat fee pricing for most uncontested family court matters.

No Retainers or Hourly Fees for Certain Uncontested Cases

For certain definable uncontested services I am able to offer no-hassle, flat fee representation. We’ll discuss the scope of work and I will give you upfront pricing that represents the scope of work we have agreed on and what it will take to move your matter to resolution. Of course, divorces and custody matters can become highly unpredictable and emotional. If your case becomes contested I will bill by the hour for work outside the scope of our original agreement.

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Expert Legal Representation

To guide clients towards resolving their cases outside of court. This saves you money and increases your chances of having a good relationship once everything is over.

I offer flat fees for definable uncontested services. For flat fee cases, we will discuss a scope of work. If the case stays within that scope, I will not charge you any additional amounts beyond the fixed fee. If your case becomes contested, I will bill you by the hour because contested cases are unpredictable and highly emotional.

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